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How Many Bones in a Human Body?

Would you expect a 4 year old to know how many bones are present in a human body? If you said “no”, it’s perfectly fine, because children at that small an age are not expected to understand and remember facts about bones.┬áBut that does not mean, they cannot remember or retain such information if it is given to them.

Here’s a fun activity, I did when big A was 4 years old, and till date, if you were to ask her how many bones are present in the human body, she will promptly tell you – 206! And here’s how she knows.

We glued together two sheets of chart paper, and asked her to lie straight on it. We drew her body outline on the paper. Then, I pulled out a book about bones, I showed her the different bones and told her their names. Then, we drew the outlines of each bone on a newspaper, cut them out and pasted them on the chart paper. She was thrilled to what her skeleton looks like, and is not frightened of a skeleton picture.

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We’ve pasted the chart paper in her room, with the date on it. We did this activity a while back, but she can easily recall names of some bones (skull, rib cage, pelvic) and can also tell you that the human body has 206 bones.

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