At Fun Paathshaala we are passionate about teaching children, and are constantly looking for ways to make learning a fun activity for children.

Fun Paathshaala is a resource site for educators.

  • You could be an enthusiastic mother looking for fun and interesting ways to teach your child or
  • You could be a teacher looking for activity ideas to do in class or
  • You could be someone who works in the education domain and is interested in making learning an engaging experience for children.

At Fun Paathshaala, we will share resources and articles that explain how simple academic concepts can be taught with a lot of fun to children. Some of these resources and articles will be written by our team and some will be sourced from the Internet. There exists a fantastic community of mommy bloggers who are continually finding ways to make learning interesting for their children. We are in complete awe of their community and will be providing links to their posts from our site.

If you are an educator and wish to contribute to our site, then drop us a line in the comment box below.

We hope you find this site interesting and useful. If you like what you read, then please pass a word about us to others.

So, go ahead click on the Top Menu or on a Category displayed on the right side, and begin your journey!


The Fun Paathshaala Team

  1. vaishali shah

    I am looking forward

  2. Thanks for the note Vaishali..it will keep us going 🙂

  3. Sunandini Jayant

    Hi I am Sunandini Jayant, a full time Mom and an Artist. I am currently designing the syllabus for the Pogo MAD live workshops, which are held during school holidays. My emphasis is on teaching the child something new with every piece of art or craft he is working on. Do let me know if I can do something, while you cast your magic spell on kids. Thnx

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