Observation Skills & Art with Leaves

Last evening when we went down for a stroll, Big A spotted leaves fallen on the ground.We spoke about why leaves fall on the ground and why some leaves are green and some brown. Then, we collected the leaves in a paper bag and brought them home with us.

At home, we spread the leaves on a newspaper. I arranged two small leaves on one side and bigger ones on the other side, and asked Big A to complete the groups that I had created. It didn’t strike her at first, that I had grouped them by size, so she began placing them randomly. So, I stopped her and asked her to tell me the sizes of the different leaves – we called them small, big and bigger. Once she understood the concept, she completed the groups by herself.

To take the concept of grouping a little further, next, I grouped leaves by the appearance of their blades Рleaves with smooth blades and leaves with toothed blades. I showed her each type and then asked her to group the rest of the leaves accordingly. And then, we also grouped leaves by color. I wanted her to realize that objects have different characteristics Рsize, color, shape, texture to name a few, and we can create different groups based on these characteristics.

Later we used the leaves to make a little art piece :).

Camera roll6


About Kanchan Shine

I am a mom and I have been working in the education domain for over 10 years. I am passionate about making learning fun for kids.

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