Adding Fun

When I say the words “practice addition” what comes to your mind? Are you thinking worksheets with sums and problems? That’s the picture that I see in my mind; and it’s not a very interesting and fun picture. It’s not surprising then, that most children are not too happy when asked to practice math.

My daughter is still in preschool, and hasn’t been taught addition. It’s normally introduced in Grade 1. But, I don’t strictly follow the school system, I believe that the mind of a child is like a sponge; if a concept is presented in a fun an interesting level, then it can be easily absorbed.

Here’s an example of how I taught her addition. I planned it out as an activity and did not tell her that she would be learning math or learning to add.

We began with building blocks, a clipboard and a sheet of paper (with boxes drawn) . I asked her to pull out two building blocks from the box. Next, I asked her to count the hubs (the little dots) on each block and write the number in the boxes. Then, I asked her to count the hubs on both blocks together and write that number in the last box.

WP_003371 WP_003372 WP_003376 WP_003377

She enjoyed the activity and filled 2 sheets with numbers; she did not realize that she was learning; for her it was “just fun”.


About Kanchan Shine

I am a mom and I have been working in the education domain for over 10 years. I am passionate about making learning fun for kids.

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