Water Cycle – Making Rain

My 5 year old has just begun her Senior KG term. Since it’s the rainy season, the concepts being covered in her class are about water and rain. On Monday she came home singing a cute water cycle song with actions and expressions :).

Cloud in a jar_1

I love the water cycle song, because the lyrics explain very simply how the sun heats the water in the sea, then the water vapor rises high and forms big dark clouds, the clouds go bang bang bang and  pitter patter down comes the rain. She sings the song all day long without being conscious that she has learnt about an important science concept.

Last night she asked me how rain is made. I explained to her the concept verbally, but her blank expressions made me realize that very little of what I said registered in her head. Listening to words is a very abstract process for her, because she still hasn’t developed the capability to visualize what is being said. Children at this age learn best by observing, doing and exploring. So my next step was to find an activity to show her how rain is formed.

From my search, I shortlisted these posts.

We tried the Cloud in a Jar experiment and were happy with the results. Here are the pictures.

A raindrop Cloud in a jar_2

And to wind up the experiment, I had the children make a water cycle – this allowed them to reflect on the concept and articulate their understanding through a drawing.

Water cycle


About Kanchan Shine

I am a mom and I have been working in the education domain for over 10 years. I am passionate about making learning fun for kids.

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